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[21 Jun 2005|02:47am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's been a while. 43 weeks infact. I felt the need to update for some odd reason..maybe because of assrail.

I'm an avid xanga user. I love that way more than this, and will forever.

I'm just the same old kid you always knew.

The cool one.

The unloved.


I am in love.


Xanga > LJ, but I'm an LJ OG (see http://www.livejournal.com/~whodi_agag)


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:\ [20 Aug 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Life sucks sometimes, yanno? I mean, it just do. I've still got the same ol' friends, and new ones too, and I'm pleased with this. But it just do mang. I found out a that the girl I'm gunning for is going after a good friend of mine today, which is poo. We'll find out in time what's going on, hopefully before she leaves.

School is going alright I guess. I'm juggling a job and school, so I haven't much time to do anything during the week. I guess I can spit another breakdown of how the classes ended up so far.

Physics: Good. Everything is pretty much review. The whole class are people I'm cool with, minus one. I'm doing my work and all that jazz, and enjoying my table a lot.

Spanish I: Mad boring. I've falled asleep twice in there for an hour already. I walked in tardy the first three days of school. Boo urns to this class thus far.

AP US History: Demanding. We've been lecturing everyday for the whole 90+ minute class, which is tiring. Lots of notes, lots of reading. Had to read chapter two by today, which I almost did, but not quite. We had a quiz..I made an 85..not bad. I'm still liking this class. Mrs. Cooper is cool and so are the people in there

Athletics: yack yack yack. fuck this shit at the moment.

I dunno. Shit just seems to be falling perfectly into place, yet shit is so weird. I'm like "why is shit going on like this?" I need to relax or something.

School was pretty decent today. We were supposed to have a test in Mr. Fanchers class, but he wasn't there, so we just watched a movie. Lucky stuff.

I guess I'm gonna leave now or something. Me, Tyler, and Willy are supposed to take his truck out and go mudding or something later. That should be fun and keep my mind off shit for a while


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Pure agony. [17 Aug 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Man, this fucking sucks. Just when I thought I could handle the fact that I would most likely never be able to redeem my love for her, or share it, the thought gets the ol' "What the fuck are you thinking you stupid ass, you love her more than you've ever loved anyone. Go get her, or you will be miserable just like you are now."
Just seeing her again for the first time in a few months is enough to make me think "What was I thinking. I know I want her, need her, but I'm doing nothing to help this."

I'm done.

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Hola! Muy llamo Antonio! [16 Aug 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

What's up haters? I figured what the hey, new school year, new Tony! Pretty sweet revelation, huh? Ya' cot damn straight it is, bastard.

So yeah, as stated above, new school year. It's not going to be as exasperating as I anticipated (or at least I hope it's not, anyways) , but I still have some fears. Rather than take the ol' slacker, scrap by off "pure smarts" and not do any homework or studying, I've decided that I'm going to take the high route and do these things. I could use a couple A's in core classes to get the GPAizzle bumpin' up. So chanyways, here's teh new schedule:
First Semester:
Pre AP Physics
Spanish I
AP US History

Second Semester:
AP English III
Theater II
Spanish II

Only time will tell how hard this year will prove to be, and time is something I've got tons of now that my hours at KB have been cut pretty swell.

Oh yeah...if I didn't update that I started working at KB Toys, I do now. It's a pretty good job, I suppose. There's a lot of stress because of the little brat kids who love to take stuff out of it's package, relocate toys randomly to any given part of the store, skateboard and fall, etc. My duties consist of unloading the truck, sorting the freight, deboxing the freight (if deboxing isn't a word, it damn sure should be), restocking/stocking the shelves, redoing the aisles, and straightening the store. Basically, everything is everybody's responsibility. I make a whopping six dollars an hour. Not bad for a first job, as minimum wage in Texas is $5.15. My boss is cool. We talk cars a lot, check out the hot moms and teenagers that come in, you know...the usual. Co-workers are OK, but can be uber annoying and bitchy a lot (except Cherokee, who is always nice).

A few things I hope to introduce this year are a new reward program for myself, as well as converting my extra room I've got into a study room. That way I can help myself..help myself.

Today was pretty swell for the most part. First day of school usually is. I initiated my cousin, JJ, and I frickin' rocked his socks. It was hilarious. I told my mom to give me her brightest makeup so I could do him up, and she did. Blue eye shadow stuff, black eyelash stuff, pink ass lip stick that I outlined with the eyeliner pen (very sloppy yet hilarious), and big red splotches of blush on his cheeks. My rap name was tagged on his forehead, and I <3 JR Boys on one arm, and I <3 SR Boys on the other. To top it all off, he had to wear a skin tight "Snuggle" baby blue tee shirt with 06/05 and I wish I could be like Jayme/Jaycie/Tony(my other cousins). Abs were drawn on there, as well as an I <3 men tattoo above his blacked out nipples. It twas funny. I had him on a leash at one point, but Mr. Coach Lamb told us to take it off.

Breakdown of classes:
Physics: Pretty cool it seems. I sit with James, Natalie, and Nicole. Small class, though. There's like..10 of us. Yeah, 10. Elliot, Ashley, Matt, Tina(?), James, Natalie, Nicole, Ethan, Greg, and myself. Mr. Fancher is his same ol' cool self, which owns. I think this class will be fun stuff. First day mumbo jumbo outline this observations that rules this..yack yack yack. We took some notes, issued physics books, and that twas about it.

Spanish I: OK. A lot of sophomorage, which is lame as I am a junior, but I sit by people I enjoy, so it's all good in the hood. Me and Moises walked in late, so we're stuck at the front of the class, right by Mr. Temple's podium. Pretty gosh darn lame I tells ya. All we did was do the same mumbo jumbo, and pick spanish names. Muy llamo Antonio! Jessica came in there during class, which suprised me..showns. It's all good in the hood in there, Mr. Temple seems to be a cool guy (he's a new teacher). 27 people in this class, biggggg.

AP US History: Not bad, not bad at all. This class seems like it's going to be really fast paced, as the class flew by today. We issued books, rules, etc, and had discussions about colonization (Magellan, yanno), and all that jazz. I chimed in a lot, as what she was talking about was stuff I remember pretty well. I sit by people I enjoy, so it's still good in the hood. Huge class, too. 23 people I think. Mrs. Cooper seems cool, despite what other people may say, so far.

Athletics: Yack Yack Yack. Same ol' shizzle.

That's basically it for the day. I almost got in a fight at lunch because Jeremy Farrel thought he'd be a badass and blame me for throwing an apple and getting a little piece on his ankle. What a gaybie. It was Tyler who threw it, but oh well. He's like "Who the fuck threw that?!" In a more than angry voice. I replied with "I dunno mang, I didn't throw it." He continued on, "WHO THE FUCK THREW IT?!?!" and slammed his fist on the table. We still played dumb, and he eventually left. I was enjoying that damn apple too.

Tomorrow, I'm going to look mighty gangster. I'm gonna be rocking this khaki/brown Ecko shirt, with some nice Arizona khaki cargo shorts and some gangster Reebok high tops. All white baby, chea chea.

Today I rocked the Ecko polo shirt named "The Banks" and some polo shorts with my white on silver Nike shox. Good stuff mang.

Well, I suppose I should think about going to sleep sometime in the near future, as I only got around 4 hours this morning.

Goodnight LJ world!

lie to my face

INSTUCTIONS [29 Jul 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

t0ny rodriguez: yo
t0ny rodriguez: do me a favor?
t0ny rodriguez: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7479863
t0ny rodriguez: it's a link to get me a free ipod
blahblah: explain to me how this works lol
t0ny rodriguez: ok
t0ny rodriguez: you sign up
t0ny rodriguez: say no to all the surveys
t0ny rodriguez: then complete one offer to be qualified and complete my referral
t0ny rodriguez: do the ebay offer
t0ny rodriguez: it'll pop up an ebay window
t0ny rodriguez: when it does that
t0ny rodriguez: automatically click the ebay logo in the top left corner instead of creating a sellers account like it says
t0ny rodriguez: once it does that
t0ny rodriguez: it'll take you to the ebay home page
t0ny rodriguez: at the top of the page, there will be a Register link
t0ny rodriguez: click that
t0ny rodriguez: create a NEW ebay account
t0ny rodriguez: otherwise it won't work
t0ny rodriguez: after that, you'll need to use an email address that isn't free (yahoo/hotmail/msn)
t0ny rodriguez: use one form tshirthell.com, aol, sbcglobal.net, etc(organization or paid for)
t0ny rodriguez: after you do this, sign in to the email address, and then complete the registration by opening the email ebay sends
t0ny rodriguez: then when it's activated
t0ny rodriguez: go back to www.freeipods.com
t0ny rodriguez: and then login existing member(there's a link towards the top right)
t0ny rodriguez: login using the email address and pass you chose, and then click the ebay offer again
t0ny rodriguez: it'll take you back to the ebay page, and then click on the logo in the top left again. this time, click the Sign In link
t0ny rodriguez: sign in using the username/pass you chose
t0ny rodriguez: then make a bid on something
t0ny rodriguez: my advice is searching "screwed and chopped" and bidding on the 8ball MJG CD that's at around 6 cents
t0ny rodriguez: after you've done this, you're done.
t0ny rodriguez: and thanks for helping me get a free iPod
t0ny rodriguez: it's a lot, but that's step by step

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http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7479863 [29 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]








help me get a free ipod and receive a big hug!

there's a guide too, it's simple!

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So I've been on hiatus for a while now... [27 Jun 2004|02:40am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yep. I disappeared. No time really. School let out so I'm all about not being home.

I'm just gonna fill you in, as I am going to start updating this a lot now.

Cody's dad found out about the tickets because Cody was an idiot and took the truck out again,and got caught. He told his dad he took me to my job(more on job later) to get my application, which is completely false, and tried pinning it on me. After Cody's dad called me down there, banned me from any association with Cody, and slammed the door at my back as I walked out, my mom called...set his ass straight..told him everything..made him look like a stupid ass..0wn3d. +2 mom. He had community service, finished it this past week, has court again, and then he's done. Probation I'm sure.

I got a job at Churchs Chicken. I had high hoped for it, easy job. Just a lot of cooking and hauling chicken around. I worked one day, they gave me the weekend off because it was First Monday weekend, and wanted me to call Sunday to see when to come in on monday. I did, and the mananger let me know that the shitass owner came in and changed everything up, and decided to let me and the other cook that just started go. Mad gay @ him.

Since then, I've been job hunting. a) because I want one for somethin to do, b) money, c) got me out the house and a car and stuff... I had no luck for a while, but then I went to the mall. I went in and asked Reebok if they were hiring. Yep. Filled out application on the spot, dude seemed excited. Then I waltzed on over to KB Toys, where I applied, and where I am proud to say I work now. I start tomorrow(Sunday) at 1, work til 6:30. ^5...Starting at $6 an hour, which isn't that bad. I still expect a call back from Reebok.

I ain't got much, but I'll update as I go. Peep the journal/friends list for my name now homies

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I'm bored [12 May 2004|02:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm sitting here at school with a 35 page lab to do, but no motivation to do it. We have a substitute, so that also makes me want to do it less. Not much has been happening in t0nyland lately. We have like..2 and a half weeks of school left, and I'm not pumped for summer at all, nor am I pumped for certain seniors to graduate :(. I just want to stay a sophomore for several more years and still be able to hang around and know/remember everyone as they are. I'll be getting a job of course, and hopefully going up to the weight room everyday to get ready for next football season. I'm so excited about returning to sports. I hate my ankle, but I'm glad it's all over with. It's one of the worst things to ever happen to me, ever.

I get my license next week, and have much planned. I'm excited about this as well because I could have had it last November 27th when I turned 16, but I waited a week beforehand to take drivers-ed making me have to wait until may 19th to get my license.

Last week on wednesday(the fifth), Cody decided to go get his dads brand new 2004 Mach 1 Mustang from his house because his dad left it there for the day. He had Colby take him home to get it during lunch, and then raced him on the way back. Then he picked Deci up, and took him for a ride. He tells people it's his car, but it's not. People like that suck at life. After school, he and I went home(he lives next door) and dropped our stuff off and made phone calls to parents letting them know that we were home for the day. Then we took off again. We went back up to the school, turned around, went to Tiger Stop, turned around again, and then started towards Stormy's house. We took a shortcut through the baseball fields to save time. When we got to 2965, we turned on. A little ways down, we passed Stormy's house by accident, and were going to turn around in a driveway about a quarter mile down. I look up, boom. A cop. I said "Oh Shit." He turned on his lights, as expected, and we parked in the driveway we had planned to turn around in. Cody doesn't have a license or permit, was going 75 in a 55, and had no proof of insurance with him. That all amounted to about $725 in tickets. I didn't get anything, but could have because "I allowed an unlicensed minor to operate a vehicle and I'm a licensed operator." Luckily the cop let me off. Cody hasn't told his parents anything but that we both got tickets (which is a lie of course), and that he may go to court. The truth is, he has to appear in court by May 27th. I doubt he will because he's just that dumb.

The AP/pre-ap trip is tomorrow. It's nothing special, just going to see The Alamo at AMC 30, and afterward going to Town East Mall to eat and do some shopping I guess? I'm not really excited about it, but it is better than school so Cheers.

Still not working on my lab, although I guess I will start.

Goodbye LJ world,

p.s. comment on my shat muffukers

p.s.s. It's about time for my spring cold, and it's hitting me hard. It sucks. Stopped up nose + sore throat + coughing = gayyy.


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BACK BACK BACK to where we lasted [19 Apr 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

What it do, shorty? I'm really feeling this song. It's good stuff. I can't believe I'm updating, but I haven't anything else to do so whatever. I'm not even sure If anyone actually reads this anymore. If you do, make a comment. I don't update enough, but oh well.

Not much has happened since I updated last week....read on, I suppose.

Friday I went to Chris Newsome's so we could all paintball. Mike came and picked me up, and we headed out. His transmission is shot, so only 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear worked. That's right, no 2/4/Reverse. It blew. We stopped at Eckerd to look for some black makeup so we could go decked out in army shizzle. They didn't have jack crap, so we left. The windows were open as we had left them that way, so I decided to go Dukes of Hazzard...except I went head first. As I went in, I twisted my body, and kicked Mike's right rear-view plum off the bracket. It was hilarious. After that, we went out there.

When we got out there, they were already out playing a game, so we went out there. They had just finished and started walking up, so we just jumped in the truck and rode back up. Everyone said what's up and whanot, then we just chilled a while til it got dark. Then me, Mike, Ethan, Wesley, Riley, Chris, and Trey went out to the woods in pitch black darkness and played a game of 4 on 3. Long story short, I got capped in the side of the face (with a mask on it still hit me), back of the head, side of the head, in the goggles of the mask, in the leg and ass a couple times, in the balls (luckily it hit just under and didn't hurt much), and in the ribs. Ethan and Trey didn't come out much better with Trey getting one that didn't explode right in the nuts, and Ethan getting capped. Mike did good for his first time. He took Wesley out by getting him in the head several times. The funniest thing ever was when Ethan shot at Mike, hit him, and Mike's respons: "MEDIC YOU BASTARD COCKSUCKER!!!" Picture that being said..in the woods..loud as hell.

Around the time we were rapping it up, we heard lots of sirens, and saw them on the trees. It turns out that a drunk driver hit a friend of mine's sister, and killed her and her newly conceived child. She had just found out the night before that she was pregnant, and told my friend Adam the next day. Adam and his sister were really close, and he was elated as hell to know about her pregnancy because he hoped it was a boy. The day later, he was at Relay For Life walking, and someone tells him his sister has just been killed buy a drunk driver. He dropped down to his knees, and broke down. It must have been the worst thing ever for him, because he lost his father when he was younger (he graduated last year). It was Megan Walker's dad for those of you from Wills Point who read this. I dedicate this to her.

About an hour after it happened, Justin Nation came back out to Chris's and told us what happened. He witnessed it (he was right behind her). He was really shaken. He told us that her car was smashed, and that they had to cut her out. Her mother showed up at the scene and was screaming bloody-murder. She had all the right to because a stupid fucking drunk killed her daughter whilst being an irresponsible prick. Chris Davis also came out to Chris's and told us how bad it was. He was the wrecker.

After a while, a lot of people showed up. Chris wasn't down with that because of all the beer and shit that was going around, and his parents were out of town. People kept coming in and blaring their music. The wreck happened just down the road from his house so he was afraid that cops would show up. Alisha showed up out there, and I said what's up and stuff to her. Showns.

After all the stuff, I left. Got home around 1.

The next day I learned three friends of mine...Chase, Willy, and Logan...got caught up at the school in the parking lot at 1:30 or so in the morning with 6 bottles of alcohol and got MIP's. They hadn't drank any, but still got it. I didn't see Willy or Logan today, but I saw Chase. I talked to him yesterday and he told me he hadn't even told his parents because he didn't know how to. Today, he learned he was suspended from extra curricular activities for a month, meaning no baseball. If we make it to the playoffs, I hope he gets to play.

Today at school at lunch, Ethan sat down at the table and told us that William Moore (redhead kid with fro-type thing and hearing aide) told Mr. Taliaferro about the alcohol there and said that Mike was drunk, and that I had a couple. I was like WHAT THE FUCK!? It was his first party and he narced on us? What the shit is that? I didn't really believe Ethan, nor did I believe that if he was telling the truth that Mr. T would say/do anything. Me and Mike got up there in his class, and said in front of the whole class..well, here's a convo:
Mr. T=Taliaferro, T=Tony(me of course)
Mr. T: I heard about you two
T: What about is?
Mr. T: Two words. Paint ball.
T: Yeah..we went paintballing friday...so what?
Mr. T: No I'm talking about the other activities
T: Okay..like what?
Mr. T: Involvement with alcoholic beverages
T: Ok..what the crap are you talking about
Mr. T: You know
T: I know I went to Newsome's friday and paintballed..but not about the "beverages"
Mr. T: Oh yeah you do
T: Ok whatever..who told you that?
Mr. T: Don't worry about it
T: Was it that William Moore kid?
Mr. T: No it wasn't William. He said there was alcohol out there, but someone else told me about Michael being drunk as a skunk and you drinking too
T: What the freaking crap...Ethan told us that William said that
Mr. T: I didn't want to say anything, but it was Ethan that told me that
T: That stupid freaking queer

So it turns out that Ethan, who was SUPPOSED to be our friend, narced. What a freaking gay. He's not doing anything about it though because of our denying it.

Last time Ethan goes to any party, ever.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. I made 60 bucks, which is always nice.

I'm out..

Goodbye LJ world,

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I haven't posted in a while. [11 Apr 2004|09:02pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Yeah I know, I've been AWOL. I have been busy with school and baseball and life and whatnot, funny huh? A lot has happened over the last couple weeks/month(s) so I'm sure I won't tuch on all of them. Tidbits as usual will be good.

I got criminal trespassing charges filed on me by my asshole of a neighbor for going over to his house without me know he was there. We've had bad blood in the past, and I told him to "Get the fuck off my property" before. He's in his 40's, and is bi-polar..more like bi-sexual. I went over there to see a friend and he was there and he called the sheriff. Pretty gay.

I'm passing Chemistry easily, which is news. I thought I'd be flunking the shit out of it, oh well though. I'm glad I'm posting.

Baseball has been sweet. We're doing good, and we have a game tuesday in Kemp. I hope we do well so we can go to the playoffs and play at Mike Carter. That field is so badass.

I haven't gotten much music lately. Just the new Flip and some other random songs. I need to get up to date quick.

I'm working on new graphics for atmosinfinite so stay tuned for those. It's gonna be a blue-ish outlook rather than the standard B&W it's rocking right now.

PT got a new board, and it's pretty sweetness. vBulletin has always been good stuff, better than phpBB in my opinion.

I bought an '87 Honda Accord two weeks ago for $500. I think it is a stellar deal because it has a new engine with less than 40k miles on it, AC, heat, power everything, a 600 watt Pioneer system in it (not for long but it'll do), and is fairly roomy. It gets 30 miles to the gallon which is badass. I put 10 bucks in it a week and a half ago and I drive it everyday. It's a good little guy.

I can't really think of anything to write on because it's a boring Easter night. Maybe I'll update tomorrow.


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Call me the energizer bunny because I like to band a lot. [11 Apr 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | creative ]

man am I bored. it's easter and there isn't a damn thing going on. nothing is even on TV! i'm sitting here watching a DVD on my pc just to pass the time away, and playa some NHL game on XBOX at intervals. i decided that i'm gonna try to rap soon, bajaj. i have skills fo realz d00d. eff the throwback rydas, it's all about the braindead nigga(s). i've been having a shortage of new music lately due to laziness, which sucks. i haven't download the new Dark Lotus yet, which is surprising because it's getting semi-good reviews from PT and i liked the first album. i made some crap in photoshop the otherday, it's pretty good i think. it's not "emo" or whatever, just stuff that i made whilst being bored. the first has the teddy bear and the grave site because the person i took the stock photos from recently lost a baby to miscarriage, so i felt bad for her. the second is just like a neverending race.



if you will, comment with some good music to download because i could use some.


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Stupid tests. [29 Jan 2004|10:50pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Those field tests were damned stupid. I don't know why we have to take them if they don't even count. Give them to some other state

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Teen drinking is very bad. [29 Jan 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I haven't much time to put lots of stuff down today, but I will probably end up doing it anyway.

Last Friday-Monday, I was in San Antonio with a friend of mine. Long story short, we went to one party that sucked, the good party got cancelled due to rain, I met several hot females, I played a lot of pool, I am now a part of Cody's family (so says Frank and Rene). It was a good time down there, despite the canellation. Hope I go back down there again soon.

If I would've stayed home instead, I would've gone to a badass party Saturday. People were looking for me :(.

Progress reports came out, I'm doing good.

I got my car back from Mr. Fancher :-D.

We took a TAKS field test today. It took me all day because I sat there for 3 hours and did nothing, and left a couple times for 10 minutes+ to go to the "restroom."

I took a makeup Chemistry test today. I'm not sure I did good on it. Hopefully I did.

I started driving again..this time on the highway (by myself[with my permit]). Hopefully I don't get pulled over.

The time is coming, you wait.

New layout.

Now to chemistry work or something, and studying. Test tomorrow. If anyone can give me help with Chem, IM me @ g00d eyedea . Make yourselves useful ;)

Goodbye LJ world,

lie to my face

FRIGGIN A [20 Jan 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I brought my super pimped out spinner action zip zap car thingy to school today. I played with it fine (put it up before bells) in period 1-2. I get to third period, Mr. Fancher takes it up. Makes me mad. Then he refuses to give it back. Way to get blacklisted, chump :\. When you give it back, you will be on my good side.

I'm more confident now. This rocks. Thank god for Theatre, it helps, for real.

Nothing has happened as of late. I went driving around tonight, per usual. Same ol' same ol' speeding, nothing more. I was thumpin' like a gangster.

We have pantomimes in Theatre tomorrow. I quite enjoy them. They make me laugh. It's me and this chick named Kera. She's cool. I'm a Yo-Yo expert, and she's an aissistant/judge. I'm trying to impress her and the audience by doing small tricks. Up-down, walk the dog, and cat's cradle. WIWOOWOWO.

I want to take my camera to school tomorrow just for the hell of it, and take pictures of the people around here.

My friend's parents are going through some shit right now, sucks for him. He may be moving to San Antonio, which is mad gay.

I tried to play NFS: U tonight, no luck. Don't ever race for 60 straight races without turning off your xbox. It'll burn you out so fast, you don't even know.

There are some concerts I want to hit up soon, and EYEDEA IS SETTING OFF IN APRIL ON HIS NEW TOUR. Luckily, I will be driving then, so I can hit it up easily. Everyone come to Texas on that show date.

Atmosphere on Jimmy Kimmell Live friday. Make sure you watch it. Murs will also be there, according to an interview from Slug in LA.

I got these super fresh pimptastic Parmasean and Cheddar Cheez-Its again today. I <3 them.

I want some Carmel Cheesecake. That stuff owns.

I need a new CD-Burner.

I need to go rent some new DVD's...

President Bush needs to get off the damn TV.

I'm listening to the Biggie Smalls Rap Phenomenon mixtape right now...We'll see what song is next.

I just itched my ear.

I want to see what Adrianna looks like.

I just changed the song because it got on the one song I hate (it consists of Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat and BIG)

It landed on Tupac - I'm a Rider off the Rap Phenomenon II mixtape. Equally ownage.

I made a Chicken Huntin remix yesterday, over the Dipset Anthem beat. It rocks you.

My elbow and knee hurts.

I think I'm going to go read soon.

One of my friends is trying to be a goth hardcore punk hardass kid..and I think he's a faggot. THE ONLY rock cd's/mp3's he has are the one's I've given him. Bagay like lunadans gay ass.

I just looked at my ankle screws. Bad memories.

Fat Joe owns this song.

It's about to be a new song.

New song, Senses Fail - 187. Their CD should hurry up and drop.

I think I'm going to stop making tidbits.

To All My Killas and My Hundred Dolla Billas

To Emo Kids Who Got Too Many Feelings

Atmosphre - Always Coming Back Home To you.

Good bye LJ world,

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The story of my fight plus more. [19 Jan 2004|12:07am]
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Tidbits per usual, some important stuff will be here. I hope it can come out to be a pretty long entry. It should be able to make up for the months absence or however long it has been.

I guess I'll start with the fight.

Yeah. So a couple weeks ago, I got into a fight. Yes. Tony, a fight. I got to school around 7:15, as usual, and sat down at my table. Chilled with some friends for a while, then Daniel walks up and sits down. This isn't exactly abnormal due to the fact that he sits there everyday, but it makes it more suspenful. We all chatted for the next 10-15 or so minutes, and then 7:40 or so rolls up. Jerry looks behind me (I sit at one of the more prominent spots at ye old round table) and says "Look at Meagan's thong dude..it's hanging out." So, being the super cool guy I am, turn to look. All I saw was a pink undershirt, which is rather boring. I was expecting something lively! Upon seeing the shirt, I turn around and say to the table, no one in particular, "That's just her undershirt dude." Daniel's, who's closest friend is Meagan, starts flipping out. He says "Don't you dare fucking talk about her like that!" I'm sitting there like "wtf?" and say "dude, I just said it was her undershirt, calm the fuck down." He then proceeds to telling me to say it to his face, and my reply is "I just did asshole, now sit down and calm down." He then leans over and hits my Mountain Dew: Code Red bottle out of my hand, and it flies 20 feet. This somewhat angered me because I wasn't finished, but I wasn't bothered by it. I then start making fun of him for flipping out over an undershirt. I have the whole table laughing, and Daniel comes around the table and pushes me. I keep on making fun of him, not thinking he would do anything. Now Daniel seriously has an anger problem. He's bi-polar I believe. He told me once but I forgot. Anyways, after I got done, he went back to his seat. I then ask why he keeps flipping out over an undershirt. He says "DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT!" So then I say something like "Dude..shut the fuck up and sit down" He says "Say it to my face bitch." I then lean over the table, say "I just did mother fucker," and then start tapping my cheek and saying "Come on, hit me bitch." He starts getting red, and backs down. I then started making fun of him again. He comes around the table, acting like he'd had enough, and pushes me. I say calmly, "Sit the fuck down dude..." He pushes me again. I then scoot back my chair, slip off my hoodie, and slip off my glasses in a slow-motion, I'm a badass attitude(at least that's what everyone else said after the fight). I tell him to sit the fuck down, bitch. He said say it to my face, like a dummy. I said, for the third time, "I just did faggot." He pushes me again, and this time hits me in my cheek. I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I push him back. Then I get in his face and said sit down again. I didn't want to fight him because A) We're friends, and B) His problem. He pushes me off. So I slam him on the table next to ours, and try to pin him down. He kept swinging, so I proceeded to sticking him in the face. People at the table say I swung 6 times, and landed 4. Either way, I got good hits. I broke his nose, and got him in the eye 3 times. Before I can throw my seventh punch, his sister comes running screaming "DANIEL DANIEL GET OFF HIM DANIELLLLL!!!!!" She got between us, and screamed "LET GO OF HIM!" I did because I don't hit females. Upon this, a rather fat teacher comes running over and screams at me "YOU..GET IN THE OFFICE NOW." So I walk back to my table, grab my glasses, and put them back on all in a slow motion, I'm a badass attitude(or so people said after the fight). Coach Lamb, our assistant principal who deals with all fights, told me to go to his office. When I walked in the office, Daniel was holding his nose(and had been since I got pulled off). I sat down, and Coach Lamb walks in and says "Before Daniel gets in here, what's your story?" Before I could start, Daniel walks by and asks if he can go to the restroom. I look up, and his face is bloody as fuck (I supressed a laugh). After this, Coach comes back in and asks what happened. I proceed to tell him the story of the undershirt, and all his flipping out. Coach says "Ok." and starts to walk out of his office (I'm calm as hell so as to not make him mad and want to send us to AEP like he had warned to do to any fighters so many times). I tell him what table I sat at because I figured that's where he was going. He's gone for about 5-7 minutes, then comes back. Daniel walks in after him with a still bloody-ish face, but no more bleeding. Coach Lamb asks Daniel his story, and it went something like this: "Tony called my best friend a whore, and was calling me a pussy and antagonizing me." After this, I'm like =-o!! Coach Lamb says something along the lines of "Well, Tony told me his story, I went and check it out, and YOURS DOESN'T MATCH UP"(coach lamb gets reallllly loud). Daniel said "Well it's true, believe what you want to believe." Coach Lamb flips out big time. He starts screaming at Daniel, and I just sit there with a laughing mind. After all that, Coach Lamb says that he is NOT GOING TO START OFF THE NEW YEAR WITH FIGHTS and threatens us with AEP. I ask if we're getting that and citations, and he gives no definite answer. He sent us to OCS, where we spent the next 3 days. We got citations, but nothing has happened with those yet. No AEP either. Doug Smalls, the campus cop, called us to the office and said "I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is no AEP. The bad news is, you're going to be at least 200$ in the hole." My stomach dropped because now I have a record. Smalls says to Daniel as we're about to leave.."If I were Tony, I'd either be making you pay my fine, or taking the 200$ off your hide." By taking it off his hide, he meant beating his ass again. We went back to OCS, and that was that.

Daniel and I are still friends, he realized that he was being a dumbass and overreacted over something he misunderstood and that was dumb. Apparently, the whole school, and I mean the whole school (it happened around 5-10 minutes before the first bell) was watching. The whole school knows about it, and everyone says I beat his ass. I guess it's cool to be the kid who whooped a guys ass in front of everyone. A bunch of my friends and other people said he needed his ass kicked big time because he always flips out and acts like a badass, and then backs down, and also he runs his mouth. They said they were glad someone finally did what they wanted to do. People are still talking about the fight 2 weeks after it happened.

One day while we were in OCS and waiting to use the restroom, the head coach of the school, Coach Bachtel, walked in the office. Coach Lamb, Coach Barnes(the OCS teacher), and Coach Bachtel started talking. Coach Bachtel looked out into the hall, and said "Is Tony with you?" Coach Barnes replied, "Yeah." Coach Bachtel asked why, and Coach Barnes told him I fought. Coach Bachtel said really loud "TONY FOUGHT?" He got another "Yeah." Coach Bachtel asked what happened, and Coach Barnes and Lamb said "Tony got on him. Daniel started it, and Tony whooped the tar out of him. There was blood everywhere. Daniel started it too." After that, Coach Bachtel comes out in the hall where we(Daniel and I) are standing, looks at me then Daniel, and says "TONYYYYYYY!" with a smile on his face. I replied saying, with a smile, "Hello." Daniel also started laughing. It's all good.

My Grandmother got cancer again. That makes lung cancer, breast cancer, and now lung cancer again. She had surgery last week, and has been in the hospital until today. She came home and is feeling much better I hear. I will go down to see her tomorrow. I went up to Baylor a couple times to see her, and it looked as if she was in pain. She had a section of her lung removed(the middle), so I assume it was painful. I'm very glad she's pulling throw and hope she has a fast recovery. She's been through a lot of shit in her life, she doesn't deserve this. She promised us all that she would stop smoking.

Eyedea and Abilities are putting out a new CD! It's titled "E&A" and is dropping March 23, 2004. Be sure to grab it.

I'm doing well in all of my new classes, including Chemistry. I'm glad about that.

My new classes are:
Theatre 1
World Histrory PreAP(I took the sophomore/junior/senior class, World Geography PreAP, as a freshman)
Chemistry PreAP

I can't think of anything else to write about. People wanted to know about the fight, so there it is. Thanks for reading.

Goodnight LJ world,

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Thought this wat neato..maybe I'll update later. [03 Jan 2004|02:39am]
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A - Age: 16

B - Girl who's just a friend: Samantha

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning my room

D - Dad's name: -shrug

E - Essential item: Computer, I guess(maybe Xbox)

F - Favorite actor: Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, John Leguizamo

G - Gold or silver: Silver

H - Hometown: Wills Point, TX

I - Instruments: Drums, sorta.

J - Job title: Slacker

K - Kids: None

L - Living arrangements: Mom

M - Mom's name: Pam

N - Number of people you've slept with: 0

O - Overnight hospital stays: 9

P - Phobia: Spiders

Q - Quote you like: "Asshole", "shut the fuck/hell up"

R - Religious affiliation: -shrug. I'm a christian, I just don't attend church too often.

S - Siblings: 1

T - Time you wake up: 6:30 during school, whatever time the phone rings when I'm not

U - Unique habit : Biting the skin off my finger tips/cudicles

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Okra

W - Worst habit: Talking shit to people who deserve it

X - X-rays you've had: ankle, leg, knee, stomach, head, hand, something else i think

Y - Yummy food you make: Spaghetti

Z - Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius - 11/27

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I made an Atmosphere fan site... [24 Dec 2003|12:07am]
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Check it out @ http://www.atmosinfinite.tk


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new layout. [23 Dec 2003|01:35pm]
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New layout, it owns. Jock it, haters.

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DAMNIT [23 Dec 2003|02:19am]
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I messed up my layout..BAD. Look for a new layout tomorrow :\

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They love the taste of blood. [22 Dec 2003|04:29pm]
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What's crackin'? It hasn't been long since my last update, which is surprising. Maybe I should keep this regularity thing up? Not much news, just tidbits per usual.

Last week of the first semester was..last week. It was simple because I only had to take two finals. One of the two was hard, but I passed so I don't care. Multimedia was simple, where speech was insane. Once again we get lame topics and not much time prepare. I did a speech over the Bill Janklow case and whether or not justice was served. I said yes and backed it up with numerous articles and sources. God I am glad that class is over, otherwise I probably would fail. There were 100 or something questions on it, and if I hadn't had the review typed out and formatted so I could easily read it, I probably wouldn't have passed. Also, the test and review were word for word, so that was easy. Made a 97; acing the test and class owns. We made a folder on the network, and I distributed the review to everyone. Some were wise enough to use it, some weren't. Everyone passed though, so I guess it's all all right in the end.

Didn't have to take the Geometry final due to the fact that I made a good grade on the TAKS benchmark and was able to use it as the exam grade.

Didn't have to take the English II final because of the same reason.

K-dogg came over Friday, and I chilled with him for a while. He got a hair cut, last week, and it looks good except for one minor detail. As the barber was finishing, he moved his head causing the barber to shave part of the back of his head. It looks funny, but it's all good. It grows back sooner or later so who cares?

Went and saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kng saturday with my nigga James. It was a great movie. Some parts weren't as active and in depth as other's but all in all it was great. Action is a lot better, story gets around easy....I'm going to see it again soon :D. I recommend you do the same.

It's winter break now, and it will be until January 5th. That owns so hard. I'm glad to be out of school for a while, and am anxious to get into my next semester classes. They go like this:

1. Theater 1
2. World History PreAP(because they put me in World Geography last year and again this year, I have a messed up schedule)
3. Chemistry PreAP
4. Webmastering

Should be a cinch if I get my shit together and stop procrastonating.

CHRISTMAS IN THREE DAYS AND I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M GETTING! I wrote out a Christmas list, no I'll get what's on it, but wonder what else I'm getting. My mom said that on Sunday she spent the whole day searching every store in Garland, Dallas, and Mesquite looking for it. I hope it's sweet. My list went something like this:

1. Video Camcorder
2. New kicks
3. New clothes
4. Madden 2004(and various other games)
5. Polo boots(I need some new dress boots)
6. Truck(figured I'd throw it on there just in case..lol)

There was more on there but I can't remember what it was. I didn't want much this year, which is good I guess. I probably won't get the truck until after the first of the year when I get a job. I wanted some DJ'ing turntables, but in the end decided against them. I hope I and everyone else has a great Christmas this year.

Anyone wanting to have a LAN party or something, call me at my house or cell phone. We need to set one up for rizzle. A whole two weeks with nothing to do SUCKS.

I have nothing else to update about right now, so if I think of anything else, I'll sure as shank be back(I say that, but we'll see what really happens).

Goodbye LJ world,

(That's two zeros) THANKS.

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